Burmese Buddhist monks, violence and revolution

“The mass arrests since September have spurred a new radicalism among some of Burma’s monastic community.  ‘If we have guns we will shoot back’.” Guardian video, article.   What would the Buddha do?

While extremely sympathetic, I am also curious as to how the monks discussing violence reconcile their actions with the Dhamma.  

According to Mahinda Deegalle’s “Is violence justified in Theravada Buddhism?”:

“In theory and in practice Theravada Buddhism does not and should not profess violence, since the basic tenets of Buddhism are completely against imposing pain on oneself or others. There is no room for violence in the doctrine. Whatever violence is found in so-called Buddhist societies is merely a deviation from the doctrine of the Buddha and a misinterpretation of the Buddha’s valuable message or not leading one’s life in accordance with the Buddha’s teachings.”


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