RFT on-line journal guidelines

RFT on-line journal

You are required to write at least one substantial on-line journal post every week, of at least 150 words. (A “week,” for our purposes, begins and ends at 11:59 pm on Sunday.) You will receive a grade for the quality of your posts at the end of the semester.

There are three general types of post. The first will have to do with the course materials, such as the readings and the writing assignments; the second type with your off-campus experiences; the third will relate more generally to your thoughts about your first semester in college.

The posts should be thoughtful and considered. Resist the temptation to merely complain—complaints are  often childish and always boring.  Give your post some thought and write carefully.


§ Reflections on your first days and weeks at Wagner. Is college what you thought it would be?

§ Your first impressions of your classes

§ Reflections on your reading assignments. How hard are they? What is difficult about them? Which questions do they raise in your mind?

§ Reflect on the connections between the courses in your LC (Politics and Theater)

§ Questions on the readings, lectures, or other issues related to the LC courses.


Posts will be evaluated at the end of the semester. An overly brief, shallow remark, for example, (“Boring, didn’t do much this week.”) would typically receive no credit. There are 50 total points possible for the journal portion of your grade.


Read others’ posts and respond to them when possible, don’t just post your comment and then sign off. Do not criticize others personally, though you should criticize their ideas when appropriate. Don’t use any language that you wouldn’t want your Professors to read—because we will. Post substantively, but not necessarily completely seriously.



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3 responses to “RFT on-line journal guidelines

  1. Isabelle Miller

    My first week at Wagner has felt like a year. In both positive and negative lights, it is unfathomable to me that college has finally begun. Ever since I was in junior high, I always thought of myself as a college type of person and now that the time has come, it is hard to acknowledge what is going on around me. I am here. I go to Wagner College. My college process resulted quite differently than I imagined. Being a prospective musical theatre major entitles a lot more than most majors who just fill out the common application. We have the privilege to actually travel around the country and audition for specific programs. My college process resulted in the opposite fashion than I thought it would. Wagner was the only school out of the eight on my list that accepted me both academically and for their musical theatre program. Every other school accepted me academically but not for their specialized performance program. This did not deter my confidence as a performer, rather it ignited a sense of fate and vigor as my perspective shifted and I decided that I would prove myself because it was meant to be. Although Wagner was not my first choice and I never imaged being accepted and attending, all my doubts have been eradicated. I will not deny that orientation was painful and exhausting. It felt like a world of never ending activities, ice breakers and meetings where I was burdened with the thought of my own success for the next four years. However, once past the awkward social encounters, I feel like I’ve already found life long friends. As cliche as it sounds, it is true that some people come here without the saturation of drama and you just have to search in the right places to find them. Oddly enough, college still feels like summer camp. I anticipate going home all the time; not because I am homesick but because I’m used to my lifestyle and routine. The faculty and upper class men could not be more welcoming and supportive as us freshman make this acclamation. However, I am slightly discombobulated because of being in a BA program rather than a BFA program. On some days I feel like I attend a conservatory with my schedule entailing jazz, acting and my voice lesson. The next day and find myself in a politics class, reading and annotating material and writing ethically driven essays. The thing I love most about college is also the thing I find very difficult. With all the liberation and independence I have, I have yet to find the perfect balance of work versus play. My major only adds another layer of intricacies as the homework I do for those classes only inspires me to further mold my craft and then begrudgingly make my way to the printer and analyze a piece of work. It is not that I do not enjoy reading or analyzing. I just need to find ways to manage the work load itself and feel ready enough to vocalize my opinions. I am not as confident in my knowledge of politics or the history of it but I plan on being prompt and an avid learner as it will only enhance my growth as a person and performer. Wagner is special. The faculty is really here for the students benefit and the location is enriching. I am excited to settle in and create my new rhythm. I do have anxiety about using my time and resources here to the best of my ability so I create and take advantage of all the opportunities in front of me.

  2. Arianne smith

    So I’ve been in college for a month now and it feels weird that I don’t miss home that much. A couple months prior to today, I would’ve thought I’d have gone home twice by now. However I haven’t had the urge too. I thought I would’ve been crying all the time, having the urge to call my parents 24:7, but I rarely call them and when I do it’s short. I guess it is true that once you’re away from your family, you start your own and new life and sometimes distance yourself from your old life. This “new” life I have however is interesting, different and most of fun! but inconvenient in regards to going out to the city. This past weekend, my soccer team went to the city and it was such a struggle. Between going on subways and walking, I literally wished I was back home with my car. All in all its always a great time to go to the city and experience things i usually wouldn’t experience back home.

  3. Arianne smith

    It’s been about 3 weeks since school has started and I’m now starting to get the hang of things regarding to the work. Between all four of my classes, there is a lot of reading assignments involved. Especially in my government class. A couple of things I’m struggling with is finding out the meaning of these stories and how they correlate to each other. So far we have been reading Russian stories and some are more difficult to understand than others, and a lot longer than others. Back in high school, he short stories we had to read were most of the time easy to read and very basic. The author would often at times spell out the meaning for you. Where as in college, students have to think and actually analyze and take time reading the story which is something I will have to get used to. However, The adjustment from high school to college in general is not that bad.

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