RFT on-line journal guidelines

RFT on-line journal

You are required to write at least one substantial on-line journal post every week, of at least 150 words. (A “week,” for our purposes, begins and ends at 11:59 pm on Sunday.) You will receive a grade for the quality of your posts at the end of the semester.

There are three general types of post. The first will have to do with the course materials, such as the readings and the writing assignments; the second type with your off-campus experiences; the third will relate more generally to your thoughts about your first semester in college.

The posts should be thoughtful and considered. Resist the temptation to merely complain—complaints are  often childish and always boring.  Give your post some thought and write carefully.


§ Reflections on your first days and weeks at Wagner. Is college what you thought it would be?

§ Your first impressions of your classes

§ Reflections on your reading assignments. How hard are they? What is difficult about them? Which questions do they raise in your mind?

§ Reflect on the connections between the courses in your LC (Politics and Theater)

§ Questions on the readings, lectures, or other issues related to the LC courses.


Posts will be evaluated at the end of the semester. An overly brief, shallow remark, for example, (“Boring, didn’t do much this week.”) would typically receive no credit. There are 50 total points possible for the journal portion of your grade.


Read others’ posts and respond to them when possible, don’t just post your comment and then sign off. Do not criticize others personally, though you should criticize their ideas when appropriate. Don’t use any language that you wouldn’t want your Professors to read—because we will. Post substantively, but not necessarily completely seriously.


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