a political spectrum

Someone once said that the political right and the political left both allow individual freedom in just the matters that they do not think are important. Thus, people on the political right think that personal morality is the most important thing, so they are willing to allow freedom when it comes to property and economic matters but at the same time wish to legislate morality. Since many on the political right are religiously motivated, their preferences may be simply stated: That in the matters where “you can’t take it with you,” they allow freedom, while personal practices that may offend God are cause for legal and political attention.

On the other hand, people on the political left don’t care so much about personal practices, and probably don’t give much weight to the moral prohibitions and requirements of traditional religions, whether they happen to believe in a traditional God or not. Less concerned with hellfire and brimstone in the hereafter, the rewards and punishments of the present world are the preoccupation instead, usually in so far as these seem to be morally deserved or undeserved. Instead of divine justice, social justice — or perhaps a sense that divine justice would be social justice. Thus, since the proper distribution of rewards in society is thought of as a matter of judicial or political decision, the political left is hostile to economic freedom and the free market, which do not appear distribute wealth and rewards according to deserts (or “need”).

Source: http://www.friesian.com/quiz.htm



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3 responses to “a political spectrum

  1. Where do you exactly stand on any issue? The “right” and “left” tags confuse the hell out of me. I’m a Republican and I believe in God. This small piece of writing makes me think you do not believe in God. The people speaking out for our Constitution, yes, are, in a way, motivated by religion. Shouldn’t you be? The men who made this country what it is and put that “Something” in writing used the ten commandments handed to Moses by God. Don’t see it. Take out a copy of the Bill of Rights and Google the ten commandments, then you will see what I’m talking about. There was a reason these men did that…to ensure that all Americans had the protected right of life, liberty and prosperity (pursuit of happiness). Those rights are given to you by God, thus, our government ensures that you will have it. Everything else is created by man for man. Just because Bill Gates made a zillion dollars does not mean I deserve what he’s worked hard for. If I sit around lazy all day…stay poor, get fat…then I deserve to be poor and fat. The “Distribute of wealth” is a sole-Hitler object to control. The on the so-called “Left” are ones that would rather have kings than a people’s government because they want what everyone else has. The seven deadly sins at its best. Thus they will have to answer to their actions when they meet their maker. Those who fight for what America’s Constitution is meant for, won’t have to worry or be concerned. You can rest assure they sleep very well at night. keleger.wordpress.com

  2. Does this chart confuse you? Or just the standard “left vs. right” distinction?

  3. These are complex subjects and more when the money in the middle, I think humanity is going to find solutions, Greetings

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