NESARA scam: Q&A


Various Dove/NESARA debunkings, and a Q&A:

Dove of Oneness Still at Keyboard

NESARA/Dove/Omega Scam Yields Millions


NESARA – Dove Of Oneness Or Usually Just “Dove” Hosts A Website Called “The Four Winds”

“THE NESARA DOVE”-Shaini Goodwin lies like a lover, and people pay to listen

The Q&A

Quatloos! reader recently sent an e-mail to Dove-of-Oneness crony “Patrick Bellringer” and received the following reply

I am a newcomer to Nesara and I am very happy to know that it may soon become a reality. However, as I have read many of the articles and thought about many aspects of the law and itsimplementation, I have a few questions. Perhaps you can answer some of them.

1. Since this is apparently so secret, how is it that you seems to have so much access to what is going on?

1) KOS (King of Swords) The White Knight in charge of all White Knights communicates truth to select individuals for release to the public. A few other “insiders” are doing the same.

2. If higher souls and masters, such as St. Germain and Sananda are helping run things, why push for it to perhaps be announced before things are ready?

2) Admiral Sananda, who is in charge of Earth Shan’s transition, gave the order weeks ago to the White Knights to announce NESARA. Things are ready!

3. I do find it difficult to believe that so many people could keep this thing a secret. Washington is particularly not noted for keeping secrets.

3) Secrecy under threat of death. Some have broken their silence and are now deaded!

4. I am in retailing and when I look at the people I deal with every day, when I think of Nesara being passed, I see chaos and confusion. When people are told that their dollars have decreased in number( but not value), that prices are being cut and they no longer will have taxes withheld,they are going to have more to deal with than many of them are capable of handling. Add to that that the administration and congress will resign and I can see riots and paranoia being rampant.

4) When prices and salaries are reduced by the same ratio–buying power remains the same. People are not ignorant. They will be relieved to have no debt, no income tax, and no evil government. Where are you at? Things will move forward in an orderly fashion. We White Knights are not stupid!

5. Dove talks about these prosperity programs. Was one of them the Omega Trust? I came across a reference to it somewhere and there was a person named Dove apparently involved in that. Where can I find more info on these programs?

5) Why do you want to know about Omega? It is closed to new people and held confidential. You will have your opportunity to participate in a prosperity program—later.

6. I love many of the ideas that Nesara puts forth, but one of the things I keep hearing in many of the articles is When do I get MY money? It seems that many of the current have-nots want to become “haves”. If this is the motivation, I predict disaster for the whole thing.

6) People are anxious to get their funds to get on with their lives and their humanitarian projects. I have waited ten years, and I am angry. Those with greed will get nothing.

7. I e-mailed one of the national radio websites about Nesara and they said they had not found any documentation that it was real. The 10 ways Dove lists to prove that Nesara is real ( NESARA/ history/ dove101702.html) are a joke as far as I’m concerned. How many people do you know that are bank presidents or member of the German legislature?

7) If you think that Dove’s list of 10 ways to prove NESARA is a joke—then I consider you to be most ignorant and quite lazy. With that attitude you deserve no part of NESARA. It is obvious that you have had no part in it, thus far.


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One response to “NESARA scam: Q&A

  1. I think it´s about time that the people behind this stupid NESARA fraud admit it was stupid and that it was a fraud to begin with and that the plan was to scam the innocent and the guillable and even the guilty alike into surrendering over unaccountable amounts of US dollars. I have recently heard that there are at least 20 million US dollars that have gone to the perpertrators of the hoax and the most talked about perpertrator.
    I used to be a believer in NESARA and then I grew up like I tend to grow up from most things I don´t need anymore. People who do that are simply smarter than those who don´t. If NESARA is a bad joke it certainly does not surpass the US governments´9 – 11 commision report in terms of being a bad joke. But a bad joke it is nonetheless.
    Gotcha fraudsters!!

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