Ruling upholds proud Iowa tradition

…[P]rotection of liberty, even in the face of contrary popular opinion, is an Iowa tradition. The very first reported decision in the territorial era protected the liberty of a former slave, and the court has built upon that foundation over the past 170 years. On Friday, the court added another historic decision to the body of Iowa constitutional law.

Des Moines Register, “Ruling Upholds Proud Iowa Tradition”


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USA Today, Religious voices reaction: Outrage or joy on Iowa gay marriage ruling

US News and World Report “Iowa Legalizes Gay Marriage. Where Does Conservative Outrage Go?”

San Francisco Chronicle, “Marriage in the Heartland”

Chicago Tribune, “In Small-Town Midwest, a Giant Leap for Gay Marriage.”

Scott Simon, NPR, “Iowa Turns Towards Gay Rights”

UPI, “Iowa Marriage Ruling Good for Business”

TIME, “The Meaning of Iowa’s Gay Marriage Decision”

Radio Iowa, “Iowa’s Catholic Bishops Issue Statement on Gay Marriage”, “United Church of Christ leaders hail Iowa court decision legalizing gay marriage”


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One response to “Ruling upholds proud Iowa tradition

  1. I’m still shocked that Iowa was the first non-coastal state that is permitting same-sex marriage. Not necessarily shocked that Iowa was the first state, but that you had a non-coastal state allowing same-sex marriage before California, New York, New Jersey and the like. But good for them and it looks like it will hold up and not be overturned by the voters.

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