Political Internships

I have not yet been able to confirm that all of these offices are looking for interns, however it is rare that a politician would turn away free help.

The districts of the following elected officials include Wagner’s campus:

Assemblyman Matthew Titone
853 Forest Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10310

State Senator Diane Savino
36 Richmond Terr, Suite 112
Staten Island, NY 10301

The following elected officials represent other districts on Staten Island:

Assemblyman Michael Cusick
1911 Richmond Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10314

Assemblyman Lou Tobacco
4062 Amboy Road
Staten Island, NY 10308

Assemblywoman Janele Hyer-Spencer
586 Midland Avenue, 1B
Staten Island, NY 10306

State Senator Andrew Lanza
3845 Richmond Ave, Suite 2A
Staten Island, NY 10312

Councilman Vincent Ignizio
3944 Richmond Ave
Staten Island, NY 10312


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