GOV240 Kenya journal assignment

GOV 240 Service and Politics Abroad

Intersession 2011-12

Journal Assignment

The journal is an important part of this course.  Every day while in Kenya, you will write about what the trip makes you think about.  Upon your return, you will edit, type and submit parts of the journal.  The submitted journal assignment will itself be part of the research necessary for the paper you will write in Spring semester 2012.

Here are more details about what should (and should not) be included:

DO: Write something (at least 250 words) every day while you are in Kenya.  (Bring along a nice notebook and pen for yourselves, if you like.)  Write down what you THINK about what you see and hear and experience, not just descriptions of the events themselves.

For example: “Today we saw the baby elephants and it made me think about animal conservation as opposed to ‘human conservation.’”

PLEASE DO NOT: merely list events.  Apply your thinking to what you see and hear and taste and smell.

For example: “Today we got up at seven.  We had pancakes.  We went to see the baby elephants. They were so cute!”

The journal will begin with an entry on (your choice of ) two of the readings we have done so far.  In roughly 250-500 words, describe what you think you will find in Kenya.  Please write this entry before your arrival in Kenya.

The final journal will be a typed and edited version of what you wrote by hand in Kenya, and will be due shortly after our return.  More on that later.


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