pre-trip paper: Sizwe, etc.

Due to me via email by Dec. 27th 2011

GOV 240; EYH/Kenya

Fall 2011

6-7 pages, 12-point font, double-spaced and typed, with one-inch margins, stapled or paper-clipped.

“Sizwe’s Test,” Steinberg

Women Weighed Down by Culture, IRIN (Humanitarian News and Analysis), 16 November 2009

Booth, “Global Science, Local Women”.

Based on your understanding of the readings above, what do you think are the biggest obstacles to effective prevention and treatment of HIV in Africa? Pick at least two themes (for example, stigma and sexuality) and explore them, using information from the readings.

Note that your paper will be graded, in large part, on the extent to which it intelligently and comprehensively discusses the readings.  You will also want to read this.


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