paper on Libya under Gaddafi

Comparative Politics

Spring 2011

Gaddafi and Libyan Politics

Due: April 14th by 3pm, in ART/GOV office

Emailed copies not accepted without a very good reason.

No more than 2,000 words, double-spaced, with one-inch margins,

stapled or paper-clipped.

Using the readings below, answer the following questions.

What were the circumstances of the Libyan “revolution” of 1968? Was it a revolution? In what sense? What is the nature of the ideology of the Libyan regime established by Muammar Gaddafi? How important is Islam within this ideology?  Has the Libyan regime demonstrated “totalitarian” leanings? How so, if so?  What are his goals? How does he pursue them? What has been the recent state of human rights in Libya?

(Don’t worry about the many different spellings of “Gaddafi.” Pick one, and use it throughout the paper.)

The essay will be graded on the quality of the writing, and on the degree to which the paper directly engages the readings.


Political Belief System of Qaddafi

Qaddafi: Idealist and Revolutionary Philanthropist

Islam in Gaddafi’s thought

Charisma, Revolution and State Formation

Human Rights Watch: Events in Libya 2009


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