GOV 253 You are the National Security Advisor

GOV 253 The Politics of Terrorism

Fall 2016

Professor Snow

Drone missile attacks in Pakistan

Due: Nov. 28th in class. No late papers accepted; please give me a paper copy, not a virtual copy via email.

You are the new National Security Advisor for the President to be sworn into office in January 2017.  Your assignment is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Predator drone attacks in Pakistan against Al Qaeda and the Taliban, their bases, and their supporters.

In your evaluation, answer the following questions (in approximately 9-10 pages, double-spaced, font no larger than 14 point, stapled or paper-clipped):

Do targeted killings work?  When?  Is the Israeli example helpful?  What are the lessons the US can learn from similar Israeli policies?  Should the President be constrained by Executive Orders that ban “assassinations”?  Do the costsof targeted killings outweigh the benefits ?  Should such targeted killings be constrained by the so-called Caroline Standard? Why or why not?  Do the costs in terms of civilian casualties outweigh the benefits of the drone attacks?  Why or why not?

To address the issue of the costs and benefits of civilian casualties, as well as address some of the questions above, you should to do some further research–such as here and here—but of course you can find your own sources, to better fit your argument.

In your answer, use the following sources. There is no need to do more research.

“Do Targeted Killings Work?” Daniel Byman

“When to Target Leaders”, Catherine Lotrionte

“The Caroline Rooting,” Nicholas Davies

The Predator War,” Jane Mayer.

The CIA’s Predator Drone War in Pakistan, 2004-2010”, Brian Williams.

I will evaluate the paper based on several criteria.  First, and probably most importantly: use of the readings, lectures, and relevant research.  Second, the formal presentation of the paper, e.g., organization, grammar, spelling, correct referencing of sources. See this link for more details. Also, please read carefully the comments that I gave you on your first paper.


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