GOV 240 Term Paper

Paper proposal due March 2nd

First draft due March 29th

Final draft due April 13th

March 2nd.  Paper proposal due.  The proposal will address the paper assignment, but only in ca. 500 words.  List the sources that you have identified–not just because the title looks good, but by reading/skimming them– as being useful to your argument.  (See some possibly useful sources, below.)  This assignment is worth 50 points.  We will discuss these proposals in class.

1st draft: 10-12 pages, typed and double-spaced, with12-point font, stapled or paper-clipped.

1.  Choose a problem or theoretical issue that is relevant to HIV/AIDS in poor countries.  (For example, sexual exploitation, primary education, stigma.)  Read up on this subject and discuss what you have learned.  What makes the subject interesting and important?

2. In what way did your experience in Kenya shed light on this subject matter for you?  Has your experience in Kenya allowed you to understand the issue better?  If so, how?

3.  I will expect at least 6-8 quality sources for this draft.  Ask me about the suitability of your sources if you are uncertain.

4.  See this link for useful information on how I will grade the paper.

Useful readings and resources:

Mark Schoofs. 1999. “Aids: The Agony of Africa”

Justin Alexander & Iona Joy, “HIV/AIDS in Africa: A brief overview of the global context

Good bibliography of information related to HIV

Jeffrey D. Sachs, “The end of poverty : economic possibilities for our time

Lorraine Sherr, “Young children and HIV/AIDS : mapping the field”

________, “HIV and young children : an annotated bibliography on psychosocial perspectives

Susan Wilkinson-Maposa, Alan Fowler, “The poor philanthropist : how and why the poor help each other

Stella Cherono and Amol Akoo,”Who Will Stop This Madness?”, Daily Nation, 10 January 2011

Kristof, “Face to Face With a Mother’s Pain,” New York Times, 25 June 2011.

Human Body Parts Don’t Create Wealth“, Saturday Nation (Kenya) 17 Sept. 2009.

Maticka-Tyndale et al, “The sexual scripts of Kenyan young people and HIV prevention“, Culture, Health and Sexuality, January 2005.

Nancy Luke, “Age and Economic Asymmetries in the Sexual Relationships of Adolescent Girls in Sub-Saharan Africa.”Studies in Family Planning, 2003.

Patrice M. Jones, “Give and get rich, church preaches.” Chicago Tribune, May 17, 2001.


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