GOV 103 Spring 2012 paper assignment

GOV 103 Spring 2012 Hofstadter paper

Due Friday Feb.24th by 2pm, in GOV office in Harborview 102.

In about 1000 words, typed, stapled/paper-clipped, with one-inch margins, and 12-point font, address the following.

Do some research on anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States.  Here are two helpful links: #1, #2.  (You will likely want to do more research; these links are just a starting point.)

Apply this research to Hofstadter’s argument, which first you need to explain.  Is the perceived threat from Islam more similar to the historical examples of the paranoid style, or the modern right-wing?  Why?

Keep in mind:

1.  Write about only the relevant articles/blogs.  Don’t just use the first ones you find. In other words, do your research carefully.

2. The formal presentation of the paper counts for a lot, e.g., organization, grammar, spelling, correct referencing of sources. See this link for more details.

3.  I won’t accept late papers, nor will I grant extensions. If you want credit for the paper, turn it in at the GOV office in Harborview 102 by 2pm Friday Feb. 24th.


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