4th amendment and NYPD surveillance

4th Amendment and NYPD

Due: Friday

In about 1250 words answer the following question:

In your view, are the recent NYPD surveillance of Muslims and similar policies compatible with the 4th Amendment?

In order to answer that question, you must address the following:

What are the key issues surrounding the NYPD surveillance of Muslims?  How do they relate to the information in “We the People” chapter 4 and the articles linked below?  What are the criticisms of this surveillance?  Is it similar to Ted Cruz’s recent proposal?

Readings (in addition to the textbook):

4 Myths That Led to the NYPD Attack on Muslim Civil Liberties, Huffington Post, 24 February 2012.

Racial Profiling in An Age of Terrorism, Peter Siggins

NYPD Chief Defends Monitoring of Muslim Students, Wall  Street Journal,  2 March 2012.

Looking for Jihad in all the right places, New York Post, 19 February 2012.
Libertarians bristle at Cruz’s call to ‘patrol and secure’ Muslim neighborhoods, Washington Post, March 23 2016.

Keep in mind:

1. The paper will be graded in large measure on the degree to which it intelligently uses the relevant course readings.

2.  The formal presentation of the paper counts for a lot, e.g., organization, grammar, spelling, correct referencing of sources. See this link for more details.

3.  For more information on how I will grade this paper, see this link.


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