GOV 230 paper on antisemitism

GOV 230 Comparative Politics Spring 2012

Paper #2 due April 26th in class

In an essay of roughly 1,500 words, typed, with one-inch margins, stapled or paper-clipped, address the following questions.

Explain Levy’s distinction between “Jew Hate” and antisemitism.  How did Jews become associated with so-called “obnoxious” occupations such as money-lending, peddling, collecting rents, etc.?  Why were Jews linked to Bolshevism (by such as Henry Ford, Woodrow Wilson, J. Edgar Hoover and Adolf Hitler)?  What is Zionism?  How did anti-semites find this movement “useful”?  Explain how the themes discussed in Levy are reflected  in the arguments of Henry Ford (in Levy), Achim Gercke, and Johann von Leers.  How did  the so-called “Jewish Doctors Plot” in the Soviet Union reflect key themes of antisemitism?

The Soviet “Doctor’s Plot” Fifty Years On,” A. Mark Clarfield, British Medical Journal

Antisemitism in the Modern World, Richard Levy, ed.


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