the gun lobby as an interest group

This paper should be in the form of an essay (see here for information about how to write an essay) of roughly 1250 words (but not many fewer). The objective is to relate chapter 8 in Lowi and Ginsberg (Interest Groups) to the readings linked below.  The precise argument is up to you, but you must use both the Lowi and Ginsberg and the linked readings.  See here for more on how I will grade the essay.

The file containing the essay, in the format of .doc, .docx or .rft,  is due in my email Inbox by 11:59pm Friday June 28th.   I will take points off if the essay  is not one of these types of files (for example, if it is merely pasted in to the email).

Republicans and the Gun Lobby

NRA: 10 ways it has weakened gun-control laws in the US

Stand Your Ground Rollback Stalls as Gun Foes Clash With NRA

Standing Your Ground in the NRA’s America

The Loaded Gun


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