LC-3 RFT Snow: Presentations

On September 20th and 22nd; and again on Nov. 1st and 3rd, you will make a brief presentation–3-4 minutes.


1. Choose a topic of interest to you, and make an argument relevant to that topic.

2.  Next, decide which facts you will need in order to most convincingly argue your point of view.

3.  Locate the information you have decided is necessary to support your argument, perhaps from periodicals or newspapers. You are not expected to conduct major research for this assignment.


Generally, your presentation should consist of the following form:

Present briefly your argument. Support the argument in two ways:

First, give your reasons in favor of the argument; second, briefly address and argue against those people who argue the other side of the issue.

Keys to remember:

1. Practice your presentation to make sure of the timing, for general practice.

2. Do not read from notes; instead, glance at your notes briefly as needed, and try to keep eye contact with your audience.

“Stage Fright?” (from Keene/Adams, Easy Access: The Reference Handbook for Writers, Second Edition)

It is natural to feel some nervous tension before an oral presentation. The question is whether to let that tension slide into fear and unhappiness, or to turn it into positive energy, by deliberate planning and will. If you find yourself becoming negative, do more preparation. If that doesn’t work, practice more.
By being over-prepared, by having excellent material, by having practiced and practiced, you can turn any negative energy into positive performance. The better prepared you are, the less there is to worry about.


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