Clockers paper due March 27

Paper assignment

Clockers and Race

Due: Mar 27 in class

Clockers is full of interesting themes, many of which are reflected in our class discussions, as well as the readings and films on the syllabus from Weeks 8-9. For example: racism; father-figures; “The War Against Drugs”; hypocrisy; “Ghetto culture”; segregation; etc.

Using the assigned readings and films for these weeks—especially Clockers—as well as your class notesmake an argument about a specific theme that you find compelling. (The theme you choose need not be one of those I mention above.)

Let me emphasize: you are to make an argument: for example, “the ‘war against drugs’ does more harm than good”; “segregation is a big problem that most of us ignore,” etc. Use information and themes from the readings and films to support your argument.

Note: you have to understand Clockers—the entire novel—to write a good paper. If you only cite material from the first 150 pages, for example, I’m going to notice and your grade is going to suffer.

Your paper should be roughly 1500 words, double-spaced, with one-inch margins, stapled or paper-clipped. I will grade it in large measure on the degree to which it directly engages the class discussions, readings and films from Weeks 8-9. For more information on how I will grade your paper, see this link.


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