GOV 102 Spring 2015 1st paper assignment

Compare Healy’s account of “How the worst get on top” with Cicero’s advice to the aspiring politician. Give the main points of each author.  Are there similarities between the each author’s view on what it takes to get ahead in politics?  According to Healy, what type of person is likely to run for the Presidency?  Would Cicero disagree, do you think?  Why or why not?

Answer the questions above, with detailed reference to the readings below, in about 1250 words, typed.

Due: Fri Feb. 13th by 3pm in the ART/GOV office 3rd floor Main Hall.


Cicero, “How to Win An Election”

Healy, “The Cult of the Presidency,” ch. 8.

For more information on how I will grade the papers, see this link.


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