RFT paper #3

RFT LC15 Fall 2012

Final Paper

First draft: emailed by Friday Nov. 15th 11:59pm
Second draft: Tuesday Nov. 27th in class
This assignment asks you to research issues related to your volunteer work at the food pantry. In roughly 1500 words, typed, double-spaced, stapled pages, address the following questions.
1. How big a problem is hunger in New York City? How many people go to food pantries? Has this demand for services increased since 2008? Why? Explain, using facts from your research. To answer these questions you will need to do some research in newspapers, magazines, etc.). I recommend you look through the article archives at the New York Times—let me know if you have questions about how to access those archives.

2. Who are the people served by the food pantry? That is, at which type of person are their services aimed (for example, mentally handicapped, poor, homeless, unemployed)? What are their typical problems (health, social, psychological)? For this information you will need to interview your co-workers and supervisors at the pantry.

3. Has your experience at the food pantry changed your views about the problem of hunger in New York City? Why or why not? Explain. Use specific examples from your experience at the pantry.
Research: I expect you to include at least five relevant and appropriate articles from your research. I strongly encourage you to consult with me if you have any questions regarding the research requirement. If you have any doubts about a source that you wish to use, send me an email describing the source.



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