Why Iraq?

GOV 355 U.S. Foreign Policy

Why Iraq?  Prof. Snow

Spring 2016

Due April 21st, in class

No late papers accepted


Why did the United States invade Iraq? Formulating an answer is not as easy as it may appear.

Your task in this paper is to discuss, analyze, and evaluate three different possible explanations, and choose one as the most convincing—all of this in about ten pages. (A bit longer is fine, but certainly not much shorter).

The links below are intended to offer you a mere sample of various opinions on this question, which you will choose three to research further. In addition to research which gathers 4-5 reputable articles, use the relevant material from Ferguson and Kinzer.

Go Ahead and Wonder

Why Did We Invade Iraq Anyway?

Why Did the US Invade Iraq and Afghanistan?

Why Did the US Invade Iraq?

It’s the Oil, Stupid!

Cramer and Thrall, Why did the United States Invade Iraq? Introduction

Whose War?

I strongly suggest that you meet with me to discuss the paper as you begin organizing your answers to the questions above.

Students often ask, “What are you looking for in this paper?” Here is the answer


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