Iran and Israel: Promise and Problems of the Deal to Restrict the Iranian Nuclear Program.

In about 1250 words, address the following:

What are the major points of the agreement recently reached between Iran and the United States regarding the Iranian nuclear program? What are the criticisms of this deal? What are the differences between the US and Israel on this deal?

Use these sources; if you choose you may use other reputable sources as well.

Due Thursday April 30th in class.

Tharoor, The Obama-Netanyahu fight over Iran, explained

Welsh, Who Gets What Out of the Iran Deal

Wolfgang, Benjamin Netanyahu, Republicans take aim at Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran

Karimi, 20 questions about the Iran nuclear deal: What it says, what’s at stake, what’s next

Fisher, 9 questions about Iran’s nuclear program you were too embarrassed to ask

Fishel, Iran Nuclear Negotiations – Your Questions Answered

Jafari, 10 questions about Iran nuclear inspections answered

Seib, Possible Failure of Iran Nuclear Deal Divides U.S., Israel

Jackson, Obama, Netanyahu (again) dispute Iran deal


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