GOV 102 Spring 2018 Paper #2

Using the articles below, as well as 2-3 articles from reputable sources, address the following in roughly 1500 words:

Choose a state that has enacted–or tried to enact–voter ID laws.  Were there cases of voter fraud in that state that motivated the legislature to pass such a bill?  If not, what were the motivations?

Due Thursday Feb. 8th in class


Keyssar, The Strange Case of Voter Suppression

NCSL, Voter Identification Requirements–Voter ID Laws

ProPublica, Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Voter ID Laws

For your research, you may wish to consult this Wikipedia page, but do not cite it in your paper, and you cannot use it as one of your sources. Instead, use it as a guide to specific information by state.

Information regarding how I will grade this paper is here.


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