Homegrown terrorism

In roughly 1000 words, discuss the Nov. 27th shootings in Colorado, allegedly by Robert Lewis Dear, in the context of the example of Paul Hill examined in the film “the Army of God,” and at least five others: the killings by David Gunn, John Salvi, Eric Robert Rudolph, James Kopp, and Scott Roeder; you may also choose to investigate the attacks mentioned in Jenkins and Henderson, below.

What did the shooters seem to have in common? Is there adequate attention paid to this topic in the US media? Why or why not, do you think?

Due Monday Dec. 7 in class


Jenkins, The Christian Terrorist Movement No One Wants To Talk About

Henderson, 10 of the Worst Terror Attacks by Extreme Christians and Far-Right White Men

This paper requires you to do research several of the individuals mentioned above, so as to gather enough evidence to adequately compare them.


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