Race Riots paper Spring 2016

GOV 291 Riots, Rebellions and Revolutions Spring 2016

In roughly 1250 words (not many fewer than that), address the following.

Do some research on one of the race riots discussed in the readings for Weeks 2 and 3; specifically, use at least 3 sources not assigned in class.

  1. What were the long-term causes?
  2. What was the precipitating factor(s)?
  3. What role did the media play?
  4. Was the state complicit?  In what way?
  5. Did the “color line” play a role?
  6. Was it a riot, or more one community attacking another?

Due Friday Feb. 12 in the ART/GOV office, third floor of Main Hall.  Emailed papers not accepted.  For more information on how your paper will be graded, see this link.


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