Vietnam paper

PO 355 U.S. Foreign Policy
Prof. Snow
Spring 2016

Due March 15th, in class

No late papers accepted

Winning in Vietnam

In an essay of roughly 2000 words, evaluate the American involvement in Vietnam, focusing on the question of whether the war was “winnable.” To get at this question, address the following issues: How was the war similar or different to previous U.S. attempts at “containment”? What were the key mistakes the U.S. made, in your view? What where the key turning points of U.S. involvement? Why did the U.S. lose the war? You must define what you mean by U.S. victory in Vietnam in order to successfully complete this assignment.

Use the Hunt (entire), La Feber (chs. 9-11), and Ferguson (ch. 2) books, as well as lecture material, for the major issues and events of the war.

Students often ask, “What are you looking for in this paper?” See this page.


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