Black Panthers: Reform or Revolution?

In the early 1970s, the Black Panther Party split into two factions.  The reformist wing was led by Huey Newton, and the revolutionary wing by Eldridge Cleaver.  

Using the readings from Weeks 4-6, write a dialogue of roughly 1750 words (include the word count) between Newton and Cleaver, dated in roughly 1970, which focuses on how to interpret Marx. 

Address the following points:

  1.  What are the specific circumstances that the black community faces that need to be changed?   2. Is the proper and most effective interpretation of Marx the one offered by Lenin and the other revolutionaries? Or by those reformers who believed that oppression and exploitation could be solved peacefully, working within the existing system?  3. What are the drawbacks of each approach?   4. Which strategy is most likely to work to the benefit of the black people?  

Be sure to use all the relevant readings and address all the points above.  Due Monday March 21st in class.


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