Mid-term review

GOV 253

Mid-term review questions

Fall 2016

1. Which are the theories criticized by John Mueller as incapable of explaining why the US has not been attacked again by Al Queda? Briefly explain each.


2. Give four different definitions of terrorism, applied to specific cases.


3. Explain the basic Logic of Ethnic Terrorism, using at least one good example.


4. Have the Russians practiced State Terrorism in Chechnya? How so?


5. “Islam is the problem,” one hears, because of all the divinely approved violence in the Koran. Comment, using the Bible as a comparison.


6. What does the Koran say about suicide? Is poverty a good explanation for suicide bombing? What is?


7. According to Robert Pape, what are the most important motivations behind suicide bombings? How important a motivation is “Islamic Fundamentalism,” according to Pape? Apply his analysis to the case of the Palestinians.


8. “There is no higher biological threat to this nation than smallpox.” Why is smallpox such a terrifying weapon? Did the Soviets develop smallpox weapons? What happened to them? How did the Yugoslavs deal with the outbreak in their country? Is that a viable solution for a possible outbreak in the US? Does the US have vaccines “ready to go”? Why not?




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