last-letter RFT paper assignment

Due Nov. 22nd in class.  Roughly 1000 words. No drafts–only one version.

Pretend that you have a just received a diagnosis of a terminal illness. This paper is a goodbye letter to your loved ones.

This is a difficult assignment; it might evoke troubling emotions. The aim, however, is to make you feel good, through acknowledging the love from the people in your life, and forgiving them their mistakes. If you choose, please feel free to use pseudonyms when you address the people in your life. Of course, you should only write about those things that you feel comfortable discussing.

Acknowledge the important people in your life, and express your gratitude for the love you have received from them; remember your fondest memories with them; apologize for any mistakes you have made, and forgive those in your life for their mistakes. In general, you are to say goodbye, and say those things you want to say to those closest to you.


See examples of “Last Letters” here.  



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