Final Exam GOV 236 Spring 2017

Final Exam Fall 2017

GOV 236

Due Monday Dec. 11th by 11:59 pm via email in .doc or .docx files. Please do not paste in answers to email.

Part I. Answer all three questions below.

1. Compare the practice of charity in Gooseberries and A Woman’s Kingdom. What are the criticisms of charity implicit in both stories? Use specific examples. 500 words.

2. According to David Brooks, storms like hurricane Katrina “wash away the surface of society, the settled way things have been done. They expose the underlying power structures, the injustices, the patterns of corruption and the unacknowledged inequalities.” Discuss, with reference to the film and the readings for weeks 10 and 11. 500 words.

3. What are the political warnings made in the film A Face in the Crowd? 250 words.

Part II. Answer one of the questions below.

1. Discuss the power of the landowners in Steinbeck’s In Dubious Battle. In what ways are they powerful? How do they use their power in the novel? 500 words

2. Compare Gabriel Andersen (in The Revolutionist) and Jim Nolan (in In Dubious Battle). In what ways are they similar? 500 words.


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