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Final Exam GOV 291 US in ME: The Israel Lobby

in roughly 1500 words, address the following:

What are Walt and Mearsheimer’s main points?  Are they convincing?  Why or why not?  Which of the letters following their article, if any, are convincing? Why or why not?

Due via email by Weds. May 13 11:59pm.  Please use only .doc or .docx file formats.


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Iran and Israel: Promise and Problems of the Deal to Restrict the Iranian Nuclear Program.

In about 1250 words, address the following:

What are the major points of the agreement recently reached between Iran and the United States regarding the Iranian nuclear program? What are the criticisms of this deal? What are the differences between the US and Israel on this deal?

Use these sources; if you choose you may use other reputable sources as well.

Due Thursday April 30th in class.

Tharoor, The Obama-Netanyahu fight over Iran, explained

Welsh, Who Gets What Out of the Iran Deal

Wolfgang, Benjamin Netanyahu, Republicans take aim at Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran

Karimi, 20 questions about the Iran nuclear deal: What it says, what’s at stake, what’s next

Fisher, 9 questions about Iran’s nuclear program you were too embarrassed to ask

Fishel, Iran Nuclear Negotiations – Your Questions Answered

Jafari, 10 questions about Iran nuclear inspections answered

Seib, Possible Failure of Iran Nuclear Deal Divides U.S., Israel

Jackson, Obama, Netanyahu (again) dispute Iran deal

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Paper #3 : Comparing Two Iraqi Invasions

In roughly 1250 words, address the following.  Due April 9 in class.

Compare the US reactions to the Iraqi invasions of Iran (in 1980) and Kuwait (in 1990). What type of language did the Reagan and Bush administrations use?  How were they different?  How do you explain this difference? 

Sources: Use the relevant chapters from Freedman, as well as research from the New York Times and/or other newspapers. (For the New York Times, see this link.)  From the newspapers, get the specific quotes used by Administration officials in the days and weeks after each invasion.

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GOV 291 US in ME: “Anti-Americanism and the Iranian Revolution”

Paper due March 26 in class.

In a paper of roughly 1250 words, typed and stapled/paper-clipped, address the following.

Analyze the importance of anti-Americanism in the Iranian Revolution of 1979.  Why was the United States “the Great Satan”?  In this context, discuss the importance of the fall of Mohammad Mossadeqh; human rights under the Shah; the Shah’s ‘modernization’ of Iran; and the importance of Iran in the context of the Cold War.

Use 4-5 scholarly sources, in addition to the readings assigned for the course.

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Camp David paper

Camp David paper, due Thursday Feb. 26th in class

In roughly 1250 words, address the following.

Discuss from an historical perspective the major issues that shaped President Carter’s Camp David Accords.  What were the specific roots of the most contentious aspects of the negotiations?  Which were most difficult to solve?  How were they solved, if at all?

Use the assigned readings for the course, as well as 4-5 outside sources, which must be submitted to me for my approval.

For more information on how I will grade this paper, see this link.

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