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102 paper on welfare and Sumner


In roughly 1000 words, due March 29th in a .doc file via email by 11:59pm, address the following.

Using the voice of Abigail Perez from “Take It From Me,” respond carefully and calmly to William Graham Sumner’s essay “The Forgotten Man.” Using her voice, use examples that indicate Sumner’s argument–in all its essential points–is not convincing. Put into her mouth some of the lecture material on “welfare liberalism”.

To do this, clearly you must know both Abigail’s story and Sumner’s argument. I advise you to re-watch the sections of the film that deal with Abigail.






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Paper #2: Do the Right Thing


Due Weds. Nov. 15th in class.

In roughly 1250 words, address the following:

Do the Right Thing, made in 1989, addresses several themes: police brutality, “deadbeat dads”, segregation and racism. Is the film still relevant today?How does the film illuminate these themes? Explain, with reference to 3-4 relevant outside sources and the relevant and course readings.


How will the paper be graded? See this page.

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RFT films 2016

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Final Exam: Arab revolts

In roughly 2000 words, address the following:


According to Gelvin and the relevant lecture material, what were the underlying causes of the Arab revolts of 2011?  What explains the different results in Tunisia and Egypt, on the one hand, and Syria and Yemen, on the other?


Due by 11:59pm Monday  May 9th via email, in a .doc or .docx file.

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GOV 355 final exam Spring 2016

In roughly 2500 words, compare the Cold War (CW) and the War Against Terror (WAT) in general terms, and specifically compare the wars in Afghanistan and Vietnam. 

How were the CW and WAT similar?  Are there any important differences?  Was the Vietnam war fought in ways comparable to the war in Afghanistan?  How so?  Here you might focus on high-altitude bombing, counter-insurgency, training of local armed forces (“Vietnamization”), crimes against humanity, the conduct of the Vietnamese and Afghan allies, etc. 

There is no need to do any research beyond those materials assigned for class, for the relevant weeks.

Due May 6 by 11:59pm, via email and in .doc or .docx files.

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Che Guevara and the Cuban Revolution

GOV 291 Riots, Rebellions and Revolutions Spring 2016

In roughly 1500 words (not many fewer than that), address the following.

Watch the film “The Motorcycle Diaries,” and discuss the formative experiences of Che Guevara in the light of the aims and achievements of the Cuban Revolution (as discussed in Chapter 5 of the DeFronzo book).  Also include at least three of Guevara’s writings on this page.  What were Guevara’s main social concerns, and where did they develop, according to the film?  How are they reflected in his writings?  How are they reflected in the aims and achievements of the Cuban Revolution?

Due Monday April 18 in class.  Emailed papers not accepted.  For more information on how your paper will be graded, see this link.

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2nd Gulf war: the arguments

In roughly 750 words, due in class on Tuesday March 29th, address the following question.

In the debate between Hitchens, Galston and Weigel, which are the most and least convincing points made by each?





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